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Monday, September 27, 2010

Diptych Progress

High Lights and Low Lights vs. The Camera

A painter I am.  A photographer I am not.  I find it so difficult to capture, in a photo, the true color and depth of the painting as it progresses.  This has something to do with the intensity of my highlights and lowlights, so I am told.  I have completed, for now, the underwater portion of the painting.  There will be details added later, but yesterday it was time to sketch in the composition on the top canvas.

 I took both canvases down stairs, sketched the design on the upper canvas, and then I ran back upstairs to the loft and look over the railing at the canvases to check the size, scale, direction of line, and more.  Then up the stairs to look again, then back down to make corrections, then back get the idea.  Up and down, down and up..... 

Sketch and corrections completed.
Canvases go back up the stairs and back to the easel.
I have photographed the bottom canvas in the studio and out of the studio, and still cannot capture the color and depth you see when you are standing in front of the work.
I did say I am not a photographer, did I not?

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  1. You are doing such great work... and running up and down the stairs! Love your autumn paintings-- and will work on promoting your work on my sites! xo K