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Monday, September 13, 2010


Yes, It's a Give Away 

I am giving away this painting.

This little, daily painting may end up in your home. 
Two Pie Apples is an acrylic painting on canvas board, just 

6" x 8".

It can sit in an easel on a table or counter top.

It will fit into a standard frame.

It can be yours to keep or gift.

To enter the give away you may do any or all of the following: 

1.  Leave a comment on my blog telling me how excited you are about this give away.

2.  Become a follower of my blog (or if you already are, let me know).

3.  Tweet about this give away or post it to Facebook with a link to your tweet or Facebook page (each counts as a separate entry).

4.  Post about this give away or place it in your sidebar with a link to your post or blog page.

Each comment, tweet or post will count as one entry.
The give away begins now, Monday, September 13 and ends on Friday, September 17.The winner will be announced on the following day, Saturday, September 18.

Good Luck to All of You!!!!


  1. Great idea! And I really want it, so I'm going to do all of the above :)

    And I am already a devoted follower, of course.

  2. I LOVE it. And I would love to own it. Thank you. :)

  3. Pam, I have always wanted to enjoy a piece of your art on a daily basis. I am lucky enough to have some of my Mom's paintings --- and they bring me such joy everyday! Any painting that you do... although I am partial to your "lake tahoe rock" paintings... would be such a wonderful reminder of our friendship and you, my talented friend! love, K

  4. How wonderful of you to share your art, and all for a song! Great idea and very much appreciated by all who love what you do. Most generous of you, indeed!
    Susan E.

  5. Hey Pam! I'm trying to figure out how to post this on my facebook page...I will try tonight when I'm not at work. I hope all is well!! When are you headed down south for the Winter?

  6. Very kind of you to do a giveaway, and it's so much like "pay it forward," you are an inspiration to me! I'm excited to do something generous today, too. I will give something I enjoy, Air Race tickets, to a new acquaintance. Thank you for the beauty and creativity you so willingly share.

  7. Hi, 2 pie apples would looked fantastic in my kitchen as the decor is vegs/fruit.How nice of you to share your beautiful work, I would treasure it always & would always remind me of you & our friendship.

  8. Hi Pamela! Just got into your blog and saw your great give-away...I LOVE the APPLE PAINTING! What a great idea and I would love to own it , and would display it prominently in my kitchen. You are so talented! It is an honor to have as you as a dear friend.

  9. So looks like i left my first comment on the wrong page! :) Love your paintings Pamela! Your a wonderful artist! Id love to own one of your paintings some day! This one would look great in my kitchen!!! love you!