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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The final four violate and abuse children.

Life Within A Fairy Tale

January 2005 reporting would not have been complete without stories about Michael Jackson and his alleged molestation of young boys.  This canvas carries clippings from those stories including reference to 1993 when Jackson was investigated by two grand juries for alleged molestation of a teenager which fell apart after a multi-million-dollar settlement with the boy's family.

The Relationship Test

The second canvas in this row reports the tale of a man who was arrested on suspicion of killing the 2 year old son of his girlfriend.  The couple told doctors the boy was napping when they realized he was not breathing.  The autopsy round severe abdominal trauma to be the cause of death. 
The Unthinkable

The story and stories behind this canvas go on today.  Hundreds of children have been and are being sexually abused by Catholic priests.  Most of the incidents are unreported, hidden by the church, and they are absolutely disgustingly unthinkable.

The Ugly Truth

The last canvas in the row, the final canvas in the work, carries a title that summarizes the entire work:  The Ugly Truth.  In this situation a police officer is accused of molesting a 13 year old girl, robbing her of her innocence and her childhood.

Reporting America's Story tells the ugly truth about violence.  Violence against men, women, and children because of hate, ignorance, jealousy, and prejudice attitudes.   So many stories in just one month.  Too much to read, day after day.  It forced me into my studio to create this statement work of art as a way to clear the stories from my mind.  

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