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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hearts Made of Stone

These four small canvases hang together to make up the work:  Hearts Made of Stone, inspired by the White Tank Granite boulders seen in Joshua Tree National Park, some of them soaring 100' into the air in eerie shapes and groupings.  My thought was to create my own unusual shapes in stone, shapes that you would not normally see in stone, and I was having fun with the word play as well.

 A little information about Whate Tank Granite:  It is an igneous rock which formed when hot magma or liquid rock was pushed up from deep within the Earth and forced into the overlying rock in a process known as intrusion. It then cooled and hardened and later became exposed as the rock we see today. Geologists believe that the White Tank Granite was intruded into the overlying rock about 135-155 million years ago.

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