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Friday, September 12, 2014


Creativity Is Everywhere!

It's a phenomenon.  It's when something new is created. New ideas and concepts are conceived and then manifest themselves in something we can see, hear, smell, touch or taste.  Like painting, or music, or poetry, or a new business product.  

Caught and Released
Original Acrylic Painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
33 x 20"

In this blog I deal primarily with those concepts you can see...visual art, because I am a visual artist. But today I want to share something different.  Today I want to introduce you to something you can taste.  Yes, taste!

Last week while traveling I ventured into a restaurant that featured locally sourced ingredients served with a creatively unique presentation.  One of the items on the menu was an heirloom tomato salad paired with powdered olive oil.  Now this was a must have.  Powdered olive oil?  

That's it, above.  The white powdery stuff is the olive oil, and let me tell you, it melts in your mouth with delicate softness and exquisite flavor.  

After a bit of research I have discovered how to create this gastronomic treat. You will need to purchase tapioca maltodextrin and olive oil.  I advocate using the very best oil you can afford.

Tapioca maltodextrin is a slightly sweet modified starch that will thicken and stabilize liquids high in fat. Since it can absorb more than its weight in liquid, it can transform fat into a powdery substance that melts on the tongue. 
You can buy maltodextrin (also called malto and N-Zorbit M) at L' Epicerie


100 grams extra virgin olive oil (.228 oz)
31 grams tapioca maltodextrin (31% weight of oil) (.07 oz)
Small pinch fine salt


Combine ingredients in medium bowl and whisk together until powder is fully integrated into oil and clumps form into something like lumpy biscuit dough. Transfer powder to fine mesh strainer. Push mixture through strainer using whisk in circular pattern; this will create a fine powder. Store in a dry container or use immediately.

Click HERE to watch a video, which helps you understand the process.  Keep adding the powder until you get that lumpy biscuit dough consistency.  Then rub it through a sieve.  

It's easy and fun and a creative experience. Just think of how wild you can get with ideas of how to serve this food item. Creativity can be everywhere and this is creativity in the kitchen.  

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