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Monday, January 6, 2014

Lake Tahoe Paintings

 Three Weeks of Mild Weather.

Lake Tahoe Boulder painting by Pamela Hunt Lee

That's it for Northern California and the Lake Tahoe area. Mild.  That is not what we are all seeing for the remainder of the country. looks cold out there.  But here, at Tahoe it has been unusually clear and warm.  This is not a situation that is good for the lake level or the local businesses, but one that must be accepted since there is nothing any of us can do about it, but live with it and enjoy it.

Lots of people are out on bikes, hiking, and using the water.  It's pretty amazing to see paddle boarders skimming across the lake in January.  I choose my kayak because I can load it up with my sketch book, camera and other art related items. Posted here are a a couple little paintings created using the inspiration from these kayak trips.  Yes, back to my passion, painting.  And back to painting Lake Tahoe Boulders from the water instead of winter inspired work, but that's how it is when the weather is mild day after day.  

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  1. I think the rocks are beautiful.

    1. Thanks Margie. They are so powerful in person.