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Monday, December 30, 2013

Jewelry Design

My Addiction.

Jewelry Designs by Pamela Hunt Lee

Frequently I tell people painting is my passion and jewelry design is my addiction.  I love to look at and touch fabulous stones.  I spend hours working with suppliers all over the world to select unique, unusual stones and other elements to include in my jewelry designs. When I travel I am always on the lookout for what I might bring back to my design table.  Look at some of what arrived this week:

Pink and Purple Agates

Blue, Grey and Multi Hued Agates

The shapes, color and texture!!!  WOW!!!  The addiction kicked in.  I put my brushes aside and spent time working with the new stones.    

I approach the design of jewelry the same way I approach the creation of a painting.  A woman's neck is the canvas, the stones are the creative materials used to enhance the canvas.  Composition of the total piece is a critical part of the design, taking into consideration color, line, shape, and texture as I would in a painting.  Shine, matt finish and luminosity of the stones influence the final design. All of these elements must work and flow together to present a visual that is unique and pleasing as well as comfortable to wear.  

 This is the first completed necklace utilizing some of the new stones.  Large slabs of grey agate combined with Peruvian Andasite, Druzy Quartz, Moonstone, Carved Agate, Carnelian and a Removable Antique Enameled Butterfly Pin.

This is an addiction that is acceptable.  

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