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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Failure and Art

It Takes Failure to Succeed.

Indeed it does take failure to have success.  If we cannot experience a failure we may not recognize and appreciate a success.  Failures help us grow, push us to work harder for that success.  We need to embrace failure as a learning tool, an inspiration to continue to strive for that we wish to attain.

Asked, a few years ago, whether or not I had failures with my art I had to laugh, though it is no laughing matter.  YES!  I have failures, but they do not stop me.  They make me work harder to achieve what it is I am working towards, to realize my vision.  Do I like failures?  NO!  But I see failure as a learning experience.

So when I was invited to create a work of art for Placer Arts' Outside The Box exhibition, and it failed miserably, I had to back out of the exhibition.  Now that is something I do not like to do, but in this case there just wasn't time to recreate my vision.  Will I just walk away from this?  NO!  I will go back to this particular vision and continue to work with it until I reach success.  It has become a challenge.  

This is the 'box' the way it arrived from Placer Arts.  I had it ground into sawdust, created a type of clay with the dust and began my project.  And when it didn't work, I started over.  And when that didn't work I started again.  I ran out of time to begin a fourth time, and complete my work prior to the exhibition entry deadline, but begin again I will, and this particular project will come to life.  It's all about inspiration, dedication, learning from the failure and moving on to recognize and achieve success.   

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