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Monday, July 1, 2013

July at Lake Tahoe

It's Always A Party!

Lake Tahoe Inspired Art by Pamela Hunt Lee
Delicate Balance
48 x 30
Currently on exhibit at North Tahoe Arts, Tahoe City, CA

Not only the first week of July, but the remainder of the month as well.  Party.  No Kidding.  There are commitments with my art, but they are just squeezed in between the Party.  Or maybe the Art is the Party too.

Delicate Balance

Take today for instance, July 1.  Got out on the lake early for a  row, which is a party in my own mind.  Then I signed a completed painting.  While the signature dried I was off to run errands to buy stuff to prepare for this week of Party.  Later the painting was wired for hanging then delivered to a gallery.  Back to the house to do more party prep.  Art and Party.

Art desk work came next.  Printing labels for the work I will be showing on July 5th at The Lahontan Marketplace.  Putting together the photo book of available paintings to take along. Now, that day at Lahontan will definitely be a full work day, but a Party none the less.  Art and Party.

Tomorrow I must pick up my borrowed tent, organize the work I am taking, move paintings around and then Party with arriving guests.  Art and Party.

Wednesday will just be a party day since that is the day our community celebrates our Country's Independence, I's a day early.  Chances are there will be an hour of art related activity early in the day.  Art and Party.

Thursday, the actual day of Independence is another party day celebrated at someone else's place, however I have guests so we will party.   I am guessing I will squeeze in some art related activity like loading the truck for the Lahontan Marketplace.  Art and Party.

Friday...well, that is the Lahontan Marketplace.  The full day of Art and Party I mentioned previously.

Then I get to take a deep breath, and begin preparing for the North Tahoe Open Studio event the following week which includes a gallery opening at North Tahoe Arts, Party,  and having my studio presentable, ready for demos and people flowing through Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  More Art and Party.

All that takes us through the first half of July.  I think I said the art is squeezed in between the Party, but actually the art and Party are one in the same.  Bring it on!  Art and Party.

If you would like to attend the Lahontan Marketplace (35 vendors, BBQ, music) let me know so I can get you into this private event.  Friday, July 5 at Lahontan Golf Club in Truckee, CA, 2 - 7 PM.  ART PARTY!

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