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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Art and Music

Music Engages The Right Brain.

Painting:  Balanced Boulder Again.  Artist:  Pamela Hunt Lee
Balanced Boulder Again
48" x 30"

That's the creative side of the brain.  It's no wonder my studio is filled with music at all times. 

Painting:  Caught Rock.  Artist:  Pamela Hunt Lee
Caught Rock
48"x 36"
$ 3000.

Music activates, stimulates and relaxes the mind and body...a stimulant and a relaxant..hmmmm.   Music reaches the mind and influences the subconscious, taking you to places you might not be able to reach otherwise.   To take advantage of this, find music that appeals to you, but know it may be varied depending on the day and your mood.  Perhaps you will respond to classical, or rock, drumming or new age.  Try different types to find out how you respond to them. 


Thomas Jefferson used music while writing the Declaration of Independence.  When he couldn't get the writing just the way he wanted, he would play his violin.  The music helped him get the thoughts in his brain onto the paper.


Music also affected Albert Einstein.  He would improvise on the violin to figure out his problems and equations.  

The Point

While I don't play the violin (not since 4th grade anyway), I do frequently listen to violin or cello concertos when working.  Ok, I'm not saying I am Jefferson or Einstein, but music in the studio is beneficial for the creative process.  It takes me to a different place, so I am turning on Yo Yo Ma and heading into the studio (besides, even though it is the end of May, it is snowing here!).

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