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Monday, January 9, 2012

A Visual Artist I AM...

Not A Verbal Artist

I have a fascination with words, probably because I don't use them very well.

Sometimes my speech is a bit halting as my brain searches for the words I want to utter (it's kind of a clutter in there).  But give me some brushes, a canvas or paper and I can pour forth the creativity without thinking (I guess the clutter moves aside).  Words are wonderful things, primary communication, but art is the same.  I frequently tell people, 'I am a visual artist, not a verbal artist'.  I communicate through my work.

When a recent commission became a painting that required words on the canvas I began to think about other works I have created which incorporate words.

There have been collages which included newspaper and magazine clippings 

and hand painted words on canvas, but now I am intrigued with applied letters, like in this small pomegranate painting:

So a twist develops in my work.  Words and more words.  Not all my work will incorporate words, or will it? Does this make me a verbal artist too?

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