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Monday, January 30, 2012

And Speaking of Apples....

Another Apple Painting

This one is titled, A.

All these green apples.  There is a bit of a double meaning here, is there not?  Green Apples?  The color green, and/or the reference to organic?  

While I do see loads of green colored apples in the markets, I don't see many organically grown apples in the markets.  Why is that?

Apples....all started with Eve, the Greek gods quibbled over the apple, it helped Newton discover gravity and it made Steve Jobs loads of money.  How much do you know about apples?

Apples, known as a cleansing food, contain fibre, antioxidants and fruit flavonoids. The most important of the flavonoids contained in apples is quercetin, which has anti-inflammatory as well as anti-cancer actions. Apples contain vitamin C as well – more so in green apples than in red ones. Apples can reduce blood cholesterol levels, counter constipation and diarrhoea, help joint problems and help prevent diseases in general. Apples are best eaten raw, as cooking them can reduce the flavonoids by as much as 70 percent into the cooking water. It is also a good idea to eat the apple unpeeled as flavonoids are contained in or near the skin.  It's better to eat them if they are naturally or organically grown, but you will have to look for them.

No more speaking about apples.
It's back to the easel and apple painting for me.


  1. The green in those apples is so pretty. One of my new favorite colors.

    1. So many greens to choose from! Such a treat.