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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Letters and Apples....

The Alphabet and Apples

Of course the letter A is for Apples.  Haven't we heard this since we were children?

Since one of my current commissions is a gallery wall with  groups of paintings, several are apples, and since I have this fascination with words and letters, words keep showing up on the canvas.

The word 'alphabet came into Middle English from the Late Latin word alphabetum, which in turn originated in the Ancient Greek alphabet, from alpha and beta, the first two letters of the Greek alphabet. Alpha and beta in turn came from the first two letters of the Phoenician alphabet, and meant ox and house respectively.

Ok, I get the using the first two letters of the Greek alphabet to form a word to represent the group of letters, but the whole ox and house meaning is a bit random...

My studio is filled with apples.  Apples sitting on the table, apples in bowls, apples perched on the easel.  Next to the apples there are bowls of letters.  Letters are on the floor.  Letters are strewn about.  For now I am using the letter A.

Absolutely, A is for Apple.

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