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Monday, November 21, 2011

More Farming

A View From The Farm

Several years ago I painted seventeen canvases to represent farm land my family purchased in the '70's.  At that time it was a working cattle ranch.  My husband and I moved there in 1978 with our two young children and a dog.  It didn't take us long to acquire a Shetland pony named Bucky, a cat or two, a Muskovy Duck we called Quacky Doodle, Canadian Geese named Silly and Candy, now and then responsibility for a calf whose mother had died.  Eventually the cattle ranch became a farm with crops, rows and rows of crops.  It is to be expected that the farm became an inspiration and that some of it ended up influencing my work.

During the cattle days, looking north from our home across the adjacent ranches and Lake Yosemite, we had unobstructed views of grazing and orchard land all the way to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.  In the spring, depressions were filled with Butter and Eggs, a local low growing wildflower.  Towering eucalyptus trees grew along Lake Road.   To begin with I created this painting, A View From The Farm, that gave rise to the idea of creating a body of work which would commemorate and celebrate the farm.  Of the seventeen paintings in this collection, eight are 48" square,  eight are 48" x 30".  Only this one is 48" x 60". 

Nine of the canvases were inspired by places on the farm, barns, lanes, fields...

Eight of the canvases were inspired by things on the farm, crops, animals, gates....

My next few blog posts will show photographs of each of the paintings with descriptions of the place or item and why it was chosen as subject matter.

Check back to read about and see the paintings that make up the collection:

A View From The Farm

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