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Monday, November 28, 2011

Influenced by Things on the Farm

Crops, Animals and More
The final post about 'A View From The Farm'
The final nod to November before the craziness of December.

Beyond The Fence
48 x 48

A couple other ranches are just north, so when looking that direction you see cattle grazing and it is those creatures and pasture land that inspired 'Beyond The Fence'.  Carved circles in the paintings above and below are representative of the  huge watering pivots on the land.

View To The Smith
48 x 48

A colorful, old red barn sits on one of those other ranches.  The property was always referred to as 'The Smith'.  Looking that direction you see a blue blue sky over the open land and it is this view that dictated the palette used in 'A View From The Farm' series of paintings.

Duncan Idaho
48 x 30

If you read the Dune trilogy you are familiar with the character Duncan Idaho who was inspirational in the naming of this particular horse, and it is said that the young boy, named Duncan, who lived on the farm at the time the horse was named was an influence as well.   

Almond Blossoms
48 x 30

About 200 acres of the farm were planted in almonds, an orchard crop.  The trees are expressive and interesting all times of the year, but late spring after pollination and the nut set the blossom petals create a delicate floral snowfall.  How could this vision not be included?

Peach Blossoms
48 x 30

One row of Saturn peach trees grow in the middle of the almond orchard.  It is difficult to see a difference between the trees however the color of the blossoms is an indicator.  Almond blossoms are creamy white while the peach blossoms are a vibrant pink.

48 x 30

The year these works were painted, the farm was growing oats.  As harvest time nears, the oats turn golden and wave gracefully in the breeze, far too picturesque and a must for inclusion in the series.  'Oats' became one of my favorite paintings.

48 x 48

Some crops are cut and baled, and such is the case with oats.  The bales are stacked close to the host field until sold and moved.  The rows in the field and the stacked bales became a visual that just had to be portrayed in paint.

As the month of November comes to an end I have shared with you most of the paintings in 'A View From The Farm'. It was a challenging and rewarding project, one that ended up having a great deal of meaning for me.  Hope you enjoyed seeing these paintings and learning a bit about this farm.  Remember, many farms are available for tours and if you have not done so, I recommend you take a tour.

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