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Monday, October 24, 2011

Hearts Made Of Stone

I Paint Rocks
Most of you already know that.

Split Rock Triptych
In the private collection of Chip and Carolyn Herman

  Those rocks I paint come in many different sizes, some considered pebbles and some boulders.  Because I am enamoured with  rocks of various sizes, I tend to pick them up and carry them home now and then, the ones I can.  I have even had a couple tables made out of rocks, one weighed in at two tons, but that is another story.

Last week I was given a petite book titled, Heart Stones, by Josie Iselin.  Yes, I have a small collection of stones shaped like hearts, but receiving the book prompted me to wade around in the lake for a chunk of time looking for more. 

Look at the little tiny one sitting on the bigger rock.  It's a perfect heart shape!

 I found four new ones in about a half hour.  This is just another reminder to See Where You Are (yes, that's the title of my book), and most of you know I believe you should look closely at everything around you and you may be surprised at what you  see.

Reading about and collecting heart shaped rocks jogged my craggy memory about painting shapes, like hearts, to look like rocks.  'Hearts Made of Stone' are four small canvases that are exactly that, heart shapes looking like stone.

Hearts Made of Stone

There is a fraternity of stone lovers out there.  According to Iselin we 'share an abiding respect for the Earth and her wonders'.  It's true.  That is exactly why I paint rocks and tell people that Nature is my muse.

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