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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Express Yourself

Pears and Apples
Palette Knife Painting

Sometimes it is so very easy to express yourself...with words, with deeds, with paint, paper, sticks, stones...whatever.  Other times it seems so difficult.    The other day was one of those difficult days, so I decided to experiment, do something different.  Take an old painting that was a failure, gesso over, and pick up a palette knife! Something I have not done for many years.  I like my brushes.

Detail: Pear and Apples

 The pears and apples were still in the studio, so I started slathering on the pigment while observing the fruit.

Detail:  Pear and Apples

The palette knife dictates application of solid color, simplified shapes, heavy application of the paint.

When all was done I realized I had enjoyed the process of expressing myself, but I do still love the brushes.


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