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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Joy of a Commission

What's the Best Part?

Is it receiving the commission?

Is it planning the commission ?

Is it the execution of the commission?

Or the completion of the commission?

For me it is all of the above.  And this one is complete.  
Now to hear the new owner's response.

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  1. The best part for my husband, Tom, is knowing that someone believes in his work enough to grant him with the opportunity to create something especially for them. In a way, it is a leap of faith on the part of the buyer to commission a piece of art!! I think it is one of the many identifiers of a true artist...commissioned work. Love your pieces Pamela!!

    Carla Beebe,
    Tom Beebe's Artistry in Wood

  2. Thank you Carla, and agree with your is a leap of faith on the part of the buyer.

  3. Love your plates... I love creating and giving someone a part of myself. But I am not selling my pieces... not yet anyway. xo