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Monday, September 26, 2011


The Annual Giveaway

Last year about this time I hosted a giveaway.  This little apple painting was gifted to a woman in Colorado.

Two Pie Apples

This time I am giving away another small painting...

 Beets Entwined
8" x 6"

It will slip into a standard frame or sit in a small easel on a counter top or on a shelf.

In order to be illegible for the giveaway random drawing all you need to do is get two new people to 'like' my Facebook Artist's Page:  If you search for it on Facebook,  it is listed as:  Pamela Hunt Lee.  Let me know you have done so, and you are in the giveaway.

So get two new people to like my Artist's Facebook page and this beet painting could be yours!

The random drawing will take place next Friday and the results will be posted here on my blog.

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