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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beware of Scammers

It Really Was A Scam!

Lake Waters I
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I guess this isn't so odd, but truly, I was contacted by scammers.  A few weeks ago I received an e-mail query about  prices on two paintings that could be seen on my web site.  Though the grammar was a bit odd, I answered politely.  After several e-mails between us, with far too much personal information provided by the other side, I received a cashiers check for twice the amount on the invoice, and absolutely no return address on the envelop in which it arrived.

I had thought the entire episode strange and was wary, so up front I stated my policy was receipt of funds, certified, deposited by my bank prior to crating and shipping the work of art.  I took the check to my bank who checked it for the invisible stamp that can only be seen by their special secret machine in the back room, and amazingly it was there.  However the banker also called the issuing bank who confirmed the check was a fraud.  Apparently several of these checks had been sent out and the issuing bank had received numerous calls.

I know there are several artists who read my blog....beware.  We are all so visible with our web sites, Facebook pages, blogs, etc.  Follow this link to read about art scams, what to look for, how to protect yourself.  And please share this link with other artists.

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