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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scheduling, Golf and Art

Over Scheduled

Does this happen to you?  Studio time, shows, more studio time, more shows, desk work as a result of the shows and sales, house guests, oh, and then there is golf.  Golf?  How did golf ever enter life?  It is time consuming, frustrating, evil, a personal challenge and a great deal of fun.  

So for the last two weeks I have had two trunk shows of jewelry and paintings and two golf tournaments.  Over scheduled?  

Coral, Jade, Chinese Coin 
One of the necklaces sold at the show

The trunk show was a wonderful success with sales of one of a kind, outrageous jewelry and paintings (thank you ladies).  And as a result of the show I installed Shallow Waters VI in a beautiful mountain home high on the hill, overlooking Lake Tahoe.  Click here to see the painting.  Also hosted a private trunk show yesterday after another round of golf.  

The level of golf played was not great but the partners were delightful and it was fun.

Time for a Break.  From Golf.

So today I am taking my house guest out on the lake in a kayak to see the inspirational boulders and rocks that surround and pepper the bottom of our crystal clear lake.  It will be relaxing and encourage me to get back to the easel.

And about that golf.... 

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  1. WOW!
    I love your rock inspiration and my hat goes off to you with the golfing... I know it can be challenging :)