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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Completed Painting

Domino Rocks III

Though I am now working on and with rocks of a different sort, I have been able to complete this small painting.  It's an 18" x 30" canvas of a rock grouping off the Crystal Bay Point at Lake Tahoe.  This is the third, and smallest, painting of this particular site where I spend time floating in my kayak or rowing by in my shell.

And the rocks of a different sort?  Currently I am at the jewelry design table preparing for summer trunk shows, working with turquoise, citrine, jade, and sparkly druzy quartz in a wide range of luscious colors. Love these rocks!

A Triple Necklace of Watermelon Druzy Quartz and Pearls

I approach the design of jewelry the same way I approach the creation of a painting.  A woman's neck is the canvas, the stones are the creative materials used to enhance the canvas.  Composition of the total piece is a critical part of the design, taking into consideration color, line, shape, and texture as I would in a painting.  Shine, matt finish and luminosity of the stones influence the final design.  All of these elements must work and flow together to present a visual that is unique and pleasing as well as comfortable and easy to wear.

Nature is my muse.  Because I prefer natural materials, the stones I use are formed by the earth, water, and creatures that inhabit our planet.  The shapes and colors are irresistible.  From around the world, I collect unique and unusual stones and beads which may be carved, faceted, polished smooth, or left in the original state.  Occasionally I include a found object or beautifully crafted item to punctuate the design.

Antique Tibetan Lantern side with various stones.

Options are important to me, so I create necklaces that can be worn long, doubled or tripled into a shorter version.  Layering is also a feature of my designs.  I advocate wearing multiple necklaces and bracelets that harmonize and play with and against each other.  

Lapis and Sodalite
This is a long necklace that can be worn doubled as you see here.

Lemon Druzy Quartz with Golden Stick Pearls.
A second necklace of Lemon Pearls.

Options, beauty and ornamentation, all with luscious rocks.

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1 comment:

  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!

    It is great to find an artist that paints and creates jewelry, and you are right...the process is much the same.

    Great work, and I look forward to reading more here!