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Monday, March 28, 2011

Use Your Creativity

Create Constantly

Found Material Mask I

The other day I read the following in a book written by art coach, Renee Phillips:

It begins with you. As an artist you are especially endowed with success. Each day is an opportunity to celebrate the gifts that have been bestowed upon you. You have an acute sensitivity to a myriad of stimuli. You have the power to create something that, before you imagined it, did not exist. With a blank canvas or sheet of paper, a slab of clay, hunk of stone, camera lens, found objects or computer technology, you are capable of bringing inner visions to outer forms. You possess a unique power to elicit a response, alter a person’s consciousness and have a major impact on those who see your work. (Success NOW! For Artists, by Renee Phillips, page 24.)

Found Material Mask II

After reading this excerpt, and realizing I was heading to a party this week that required masks, I decided to make the masks rather than purchase them.  A quick trip around the neighborhood with a gathering bag and it was off to my studio to create and assemble masks from palm fibers, leaves, pods, sticks, grasses, a couple silk flowers and an organza bow.

Details of the Masks.....

It was another of those 'lost in the process' times to create something from nothing, to use the gift of creativity, to share and celebrate creativity with others by making and wearing these masks.

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