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Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Spring!

Like A Light Switch

Cow's Tongue Cactus Blossoms

Sometimes the seasons inch gradually from one to another.  You are in the midst of Winter and without note, over a span of time, you realize you are enjoying Spring.  

Detail of Spiny Barrel 

Not this year.  Not here anyway.  Mother Nature has thrown the switch.  The air temp is a comfortable warm with flowers exploding into bloom.  The desert is green.  The citrus trees are releasing their heavenly scent and the blossoms in those trees are crowding out the remaining fruit.  While it was winter last week, it is Spring, right here, right now.

Myer Lemon Blossoms

With camera and sketch book in hand I find myself more and more involved with the flowers.  They have become larger on my canvases and in my sketch book they threaten to take over, pushing everything else aside.

Detail of Reaching

This week, the Palm Springs Art Museum is hosting a three day flower event to celebrate Spring.

Art In Bloom

Some of the desert's most celebrated floral designers will offer interpretations of works in the museum's collection.  You can bet I will be there to see the arrangements, for the beauty and the inspiration.  What a great way to acknowledge this immediate arrival of Spring.

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  1. I'm jealous of spring there. .. so much beauty! Snow on the farm today. . Booo!