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Monday, March 14, 2011

Juried Invitational Exhibitions

Understanding a Juried Invitational

Big Flowered Barrel
To be exhibited at Long Beach Museum of Art
April 21 - May 21, 2011

There are times when an artist receives invitations to submit work to a juried exhibition.  For the artist it becomes a process of trying to understand the juror and selecting what is deemed to be the perfect work for that particular exhibition, what the artist thinks the juror might like to see and select. 

Five Big Flowered Barrels

From the juror's side there are selection parameters set, most usually by the juror, and unknown to the artist.
20" x 16"

This past month, I received two separate invitations to submit work to two separate juried exhibitions.  I struggled with my selections, even driving to one of the entry days with two different paintings in my car, deciding at the very last minute which I would enter.  My work was accepted into one of the shows and not the other.  Even after listening to the juror speak at the opening of the show, I am not sure why the one painting was not accepted.  Do I know why the other painting was accepted to the other exhibition?  Maybe, but maybe not.

A New Painting Started Yesterday

The artist must understand that it is important to continue the creative process, continue working, regardless of the outcome of a juried invitation.  It is not necessarily a negative statement about a particular work if it is not accepted into a juried show.  The same work might be accepted into another show.  If you are an artist and submit to juried exhibitions, continue your work, continue submissions, understand the process.


  1. well said! agree with you! Very nice paintings, I love cactus blooms!

  2. Your love for visible in your blog. Nicely painted... very clean work.