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Monday, January 31, 2011

Change of Plans

It's Good to be Flexible

Isn't it interesting how a small comment or question can change your thoughts and plans.

The other day one of my customers asked me about flower paintings, which is not what they have purchased, however she was interested to know if I ever painted just flowers, because she adores the small flowers in one of my paintings she owns.   I do, I have, and I include them in my Desert Plant paintings.

But now, since hearing that comment, all I can focus on is flowers!  They are becoming more prominent in my compositions, in my sketch book and on the canvas.  

So instead of working on the planned painting, I am working on the barrel cactus you see here with a voluptuous flower growing out of the top of the plant.

This is not truly the flower that grows out of a barrel, but artistic license is key here.  It is in all of my paintings.

So my easel is wearing a different canvas than I thought it would be right now, but I love it;  change is good;  it's good to be flexible.

This painting is not finished.  You are seeing just the beginning.  Come back to see how it progresses.  And remember to embrace change.

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