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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Daily Painting

Painting on a Daily Basis

It turns out that Daily Painters are actually creating a painting every day.  I still think there must be a day now and then when it just doesn't happen.  I thought I would try to paint every day and missed the third day because I was making a driving trip from one place to another which didn't leave time to paint.  Above is the painting from the first day....a study for a larger painting called Candy Corn Rocks.  This particular rock formation has always reminded me of that orange and white, Halloween's the shape of the rocks.

Above is the painting from the second day, a small diptych which is a study for a painting that will be 10' x 4' overall, composed of two canvases.  Though this shows the canvases butted together, the big works will actually hang with a space between.

Check back to see what I might paint today....

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