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Monday, February 19, 2018

Kawena Pukui II

Hawaiian Music Is Floating Through My Studio

Images of Mary Kawena Pukui fill my head and are scattered over my work table along with hibiscus blossoms.

Hawaiian music fills the air to set the mood for my current commission.  Trays of water color paints come out of the drawers and work begins.  I have chosen watercolor as the medium for this portrait because of the tropical Pacific that surrounds the islands where Pukui lived. 

I have also decided to present this woman with the state flower of Hawaii, the Yellow Hibiscus.

Sketching in the composition.

Laying on pigment

Mary Kawena Pukui begins to come to life.  More to do, so check back to watch the progress on this portrait commissioned by the magazine, The Perpetual You.  And if you stop by, I am serving tropical beverages.

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