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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Summer's Last Gasp.

Yes, Fall is in the Air.

original acrylic painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
View From The SUP
12 x 12

But there will be a few more days of sun and warmth.  We really will see ourselves enjoying more of those summer days because it's just too hard to let go.  Is this called Indian Summer?

As you know I spend a great deal of time out on Lake Tahoe in my rowing shell & kayak as well as on my stand up paddle board.  The rowing shell is my favorite, but I find I grab the SUP for a quick workout and different view of the lake.  How is it different?  When you are seated in the shell your focus is across the water, looking at the rocks, reflections, and mountains beyond.  When you are standing the focus is frequently down into and through the crystal clear water allowing you to see the submerged boulders.  All summer my creative energies have been haunted by this standing view, however I was too busy with commissions to devote any time turning this inspiration into a work of art.

View From The SUP

After the delivery of this last commission I placed a small canvas on the easel and began to paint.  What you see here, View From The SUP, is what transpired.  The canvas is painted around the edges which gives this small work an interesting feel.  The rocks come to life.

right edge

left edge

top edge

I would like to spend time to work on a larger canvas with this theme, but I have been invited to create an altar for Day of the Dead at the Palm Springs Art Museum,  invited into an all womens' exhibition at the La Quinta Art Museum, and have a new commission (more about all this later).  So now that fall is in the air I will still spend time gathering up inspiration while out on the lake, enjoying the few remaining days of summer weather.  Indian Summer.

View From The SUP
12 x12

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