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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


When Goals Are On Hold

OOPS....   The completion of the Triptych was interrupted. But it's all good, meaning it was a fun and worthwhile interruption.  

Back Side

Just after my last blog post showing the progress on the triptych, I was asked to paint jeans for two women to wear to a Woodstock themed party.  Fun project.

Front Side

Yes, fun  project so I accepted.  After a little refresher about the music and art festival that took place in 1969 (no, I wasn't there, but yes I knew all about it), I designed and began the painting process.  

Back Side

I spent many hours, with '60s and '70's music blasting in the studio ( Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan) remembering what I was doing during this time period...  mostly creating with fibers, weaving and embroidering. This took me back. 

Front Side

A nice diversion in the studio, a slide back in time enjoying fond memories of another time and place.  Now it's back to the triptych.

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