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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Adding to an Older Painting.

The Newest Canvas on the Easel.

A very blank canvas.

I am working on two new canvases that will turn this painting, Split, into a triptych.  

48 x 60

I will post the progression on my Artist's Facebook Page as well as here on the blog.  I am thinking it will be more of a challenge that it seems for several reasons.  This was painted a few years ago, before I kept details regarding the pigments used so there is a bit of guess work going on.  I am not even sure I still have some of them.  My brush work style has changed a little bit, but I will attempt to emulate what is going on in Split.

Beginning the under painting.

I invite you to follow along.

Under painting progresses.

This should be interesting.

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