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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Guadalupe Arenas VI

Studio Work Continues.

While in my studio, whether or not it is painting or some other task, I frequently have time to let my mind wander.This happens especially when my work is something like painting on the lizards and eagles being added to this portrait of Guadalupe Arenas.

lizard shapes added to the portrait of Guadalupe Arenas

As I was painting these creatures my mind wandered to a recent studio visit and the conversation which took place. The visitor asked great questions about the canvas on the easel and a few other paintings in the studio.  Clearly she was interested and appreciative.

eagles added to the portrait of Guadalupe Arenas

My thoughts moved on to a recent article I had read about talking to an artist at a festival or in their studio.  We are moving into the Art Festival time of year, so this article in a fellow bloggers post may be of interest.  Artists love to talk about their work.  As you carry on a dialogue with an artist you will learn things about their work you may not see at first.  I encourage you to take a look at this:  How to talk to an artist

basket shape added to the portrait of Guadalupe Arenas

The details of lizards, eagles and a basket shape were added to the painting this past week.  Work continues.

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