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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Guadalupe Arenas V

More Work In The Studio

When I approached the easel this morning this was the painting.

While standing in front of the easel, working on this portrait of Guadalupe Arenas I continue to think about the other studio work.  This morning I was adding images to my web site. Yep, that's work.  Have you taken a look at my site lately? 

Completed the diamond pattern on the snakes.

I use an artist specific web hosting service called Faso which makes it easy for me to run the web site.  The Web Master, that's me.  Just another cog in the wheel of studio work outside the design table and easel.  If you are a creator, looking for an easy, attractive way to handle your web site I suggest you give Faso a look.  It is a web site with a connected newsletter & blog, link to Facebook.  It is filled with options and easy to use.  Faso also offers helpful support  and makes it easy for me to spend more time painting rather than working at the computer.

Back to the easel....  

Currently working on the lizard shapes that found themselves woven into some of Guadalupe Arenas' basket designs.

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