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Monday, March 2, 2015

Hidden Identities.

The Third Painting in the Series is Complete.

Tools of the Trade
30 x 24
Mixed Media

This third painting in Hidden Identities was inspired by Aboriginal face and body painting, the use of circular shapes to tell a story and what might have been used as tools to apply pigments before we had brushes.

In my last blog post I told you how after a fairly intense wind, I collected sticks that had blown out of a local tree.  These were adhered to the canvas after applying several layers of pigment in a variety of hues, ending with an off white, and after scraping through the that top coat of paint to create areas of movement and depth.

Circular shapes were painted on and covered with washes to create an impression of antiquity.

Tools of the Trade

Glazes repeating the under colors were added as well as a bold black stripe behind the central area of the sticks. Third painting in the series, completed.  

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