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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mah Jongg Chatter.

Pamela Hunt Lee
Deep Shadows

While mixing the mah jongg tiles at today's game, another painter mentioned she was thinking of re-working one of her paintings.  Apparently the painting is hanging in her home, she sees it every day, and some part of it is bothering her. As serendipitous as it sounds, just today I took down off my easel a painting I re-worked.  This is not something I do frequently, in fact I never do this, or at least rarely....maybe only twice.  

I mentioned to this other painter, let's call her Pauline,  that a few years ago I completed, thought I had, this painting but was never satisfied with the lower 1/3 of the work.  You can see the original at my web site Click Here A few weeks ago I realized exactly what was amiss, so I gessoed out the lower section and repainted.  It worked!  

Pauline announced she will now do the same.  Do you suppose when you see the dates for an art work that span several years it means the artist re-worked the piece? Perhaps.  In this case it certainly does.

Good things happen at mah jongg games!

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