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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Public Art, Part III.

It's Not Easy to Work Outside When It Is Raining

Or when you are called for jury duty.  Squeezing in time to take a huge canvas outside to sketch in the composition and then apply the paint when there are continuous, almost daily thunder storms and showers has been a challenge, but do-able.  

Here's the palette for the painting

You recall this is a long, unstretched canvas that will be painted, cut into strips, and then hung around an old, towering pine tree. It's a public art installation for Detours Kings Beach-2014, a site specific, public art installation that will run from August 22-September 30.

The Process

The painting is almost complete.  Cutting it into strips will be the next step, but it would be nice to have sunshine to warm the canvas making it easier to slice.   Maybe tomorrow.

Top corner of the painting

That is if I don't have to report for jury duty tomorrow.  That will be revealed later today when the court makes it's selection.  

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