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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Public Art

Art Exhibited in a Public Space

Any art exhibited in a public space including publicly accessible buildings is Public Art.  It involves site specificity and the community within which it is placed.  The relationship between the content and the audience, what the art is saying, is as important as its physical location. In recent years, public art has increasingly begun to expand in scope and application engaging the community where it is placed. 

A couple years ago when I was asked to sit on a committee which would work to bring Public Art to Tahoe, I gladly accepted.  I believe in Public Art and what it can do for a community to create a sense of place, how it can enhance the visual appeal of a community, and how it can bring a community together.  

The first exhibition of Public Art in Kings Beach, one of the communities under the umbrella of Tahoe Public Art, Tahoe Public Art is a temporary, site specific installation, named DETOURS.  Designed as a self guided walking tour, Detours will feature eleven very different works of art in a variety of mediums.  Take away maps will be scattered throughout the community.  Eleven artists have been invited to create and display a work of art inspired by their assigned location.  I am one of the invited artists and my location is a towering pine tree adjacent to The North Tahoe Events Center.    

Pictured here are the drawings of my work which will be installed August 22nd and remain on location until September 1st.  

Inspired by the majesty, power, and clarity of Lake Tahoe, as viewed from this location and nearby lake areas, I will paint a 12' canvas which will then be striped and applied around the tree creating a skirt of sorts.  When the air is calm the strips will hang vertically, hugging the trunk of the tree.  The ability of the canvas pieces to 'ribbon' in the wind is inspired by the events and celebrations held on the patio at the North Tahoe Event Center.

During the next month I will be creating the painting and will take you through the steps, so check back to see how this painting comes to life.

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