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Friday, July 25, 2014

Public Art II

Detours-Kings Beach 2014

As one of the eleven artists invited to participate in Detours-Kings Beach 2014, I was tasked with selecting a location for my installation.  I chose a towering pine tree located adjacent to The North Tahoe Event Center and because the tree grows on California State Park land I have worked through the permission process with that entity.  There were a few hoops, successfully jumped, which included a CEQA process, meeting with the state park manager and their environmental scientist, agreements and restrictions about the installation. Deciding to wrap one tree instead of two. Then the paperwork.  Done done done.  All done and ready to go.  

I keep returning to the installation site to measure, meet with my team that will do the installation, and I find I am having different thoughts about the painting.  Originally I thought I would paint a representation of sky and Tahoe boulders including an underwater view which is so typical of my Tahoe paintings.  But after numerous visits I am thinking of using a painting created a few years ago that hung in my home which includes sky, a view across Tahoe, and a towering pine tree with branches and cones.  It's actually perfect for this location.  Though this is not the painting, it is very similar.  What do you think?

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