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Monday, September 30, 2013

Portrait #6 in the Indian Women Series.

Started Sketches for a New Portrait Today.

I took a few days, maybe a week, off and out of my studio.  Guilt set in at first, but then I realized I needed a break.  So I worked in the garden, read, did some cooking, went to some social events, did a little house keeping, cleaned out the shed (boy did that need to be done) hiked, biked, and zipped out of town for a couple days.  

Interestingly enough, just yesterday I was asked if I paint every guessed the answer:  no.  However I did respond that I do something creative every day and that my mind is always working towards the next painting, paintings. So it wasn't a surprise that I blasted back into the studio today with fresh ideas for about five new paintings.  If there was only more time in the day. 

Here's the rough sketch of what's to come, at least one of what is to come.  And this is a ROUGH sketch, so there will most likely be changes.  Check back....I will post the progress.

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