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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snow Art

In Between Snow Storms

First Canvas - too much shadowing

It's out the door for me, onto the cross country skis, touring over the river and through the woods.  Seriously.  The abundant and heavy snow fall in the Sierra Nevada Mountains has left the most spectacular scenery.  Scenery to inspire a painter to get into the studio to paint winter.

First canvas after removal of some of the shadowing effect

For me that is most unusual.  Though the stark beauty of nature in winter appeals to me, I have not brought that inspiration into the studio, until now that is. 

Under painted second canvas

It all started with the mini Frosty paintings.  Those little paintings required a palette that would evoke frost and snow, so it wasn't too much of a stretch to pick up almost the same palette and begin working with the idea of snow laden pine boughs, the very same boughs I was sliding under on my skis, see out the window, that surround us here in the mountains.

Beginning of the branch and cone

These are the first little paintings to bring in the new year.  And though I thought I was done with painting pine cones, here they are again. 

Painted in the pine needles.  Now for the snow.

The forecast is for more snowfall over the next few days which translates to more inspiration.  It will be over the river and through the woods straight into the studio for me, enjoying the time between storms as well as the storms themselves.

Snow Cone

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  1. Fabulous work and I love the inspiration. How could you not paint what you are enjoying and experiencing. I love it! Love B