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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Painting More Wine Glasses...

A Funny Thing Happens When You Really Look and See.

Blue Tini

When you take the time to truly look at something and analyze what you see, it is amazing to realize how much is there.


Take a glass of wine for instance.  If it is a white wine, like a Chardonay, a Fume Blanc, or a Spanish Cava, the color may be almost clear, a buttery golden yellow, or anything in between.    You can see reflections of what ever surrounds you in the glass, and those reflections are upside down!!!  Now if you haven't noticed this previously, I bet you will the next time you pour a white.  If it is a red wine the color can be mauve to black.  And those room reflections are not to be seen.  

Another Glass

And then there is the martini glass full of clear liquid...same thing...upside down reflections.  And boy, are these fun to paint!

Red, White and Blue Tini

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