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Friday, August 5, 2011


See Where You Are
The Art of Pamela Hunt Lee

Cover Photo
Shallow Waters VII
48" x 60"

For several months I have been working on a book which deals with four of the subjects that influence my creativity:  Tahoe Rocks, Tahoe Water, Desert Plants and Produce.  The photos shown here represent art work in the book.

The book is done, published and available.

Tahoe Below the Surface - Mini II
12" x 12"

You look at things every day, but do you actually see them?

Barrels and Fenceposts II
48" x 48"
In collection of Gary and Gayle Weaver

So many of us look, without seeing, and many never even look.

Andrea's Peach
21' x 16"
In the collection of Andrea Linneman

By creating paintings that are a close perspective of the subject I encourage the viewer to take the time to pay attention to the detail of that subject.

Now you can read about my inspiration and see a collection of work that has been created as a result of that inspiration.

See a preview of the book:

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