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Monday, August 22, 2011

Introduction to See Where You Are

See Where You Are
The Art of Pamela Hunt Lee

Lake Waters VI
48" x 60"

Many years ago I received a gift of child’s crayon drawing with the words, “Be Where You Are” written in primitive, child-like block letters, across the bottom.  I was captivated by the sentiment,  so this framed drawing hung in my home for many years.  I attempted to live the sentiment and found it inched its way into my art theory and practice, with a small twist.  Not only, Be Where You Are, but See Where You Are.  

  Domino Rocks III
18" x 30"

We look at things every day, from the moment we get up in the morning until we go to sleep at night. We look at everything around us, but do we actually see these things?    Our surroundings are filled with dramatic landscapes, lakescapes, seascapes, clear blue or cloudy skies, colorful sunsets,  boulders, pebbles, trees, sticks, leaves, dainty small to spectacularly large flowers, and other unusual and amazing things we should all appreciate.  So many of us look, without seeing, and many never even look.  

Caught Rock Diptych
120" x 48"

Over the years, my work has become all about looking, seeing, observing and noticing our surroundings.  Be aware, pay attention to the ‘big picture’ in front of you but also pay attention to the minutia, the detail:   light, color, line, shape, texture.  By creating paintings that are a close perspective of the subject, I encourage the viewer to take the time to pay attention to the detail of that subject whether it happens to be light patterns on rocks under the water’s surface, huge granite boulders balanced on one another, the prickly spines on a sculptural cactus, or the luscious produce found in farmers’ markets.

Nine Pie Apples
8" x 24"

Nature is my muse.  The use of composition, light, color, line, shape, and texture, bring nature to life.  In the book I just published, I share with you some of my art, inspired by the details of nature.  

Be where you are and enjoy, but also See Where You Are.

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