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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Studio Visit

Finger Painting

Another small canvas in the beginning stages

Not too long ago, one of my sons who is also a painter, was visiting me.  I continued painting while we talked.  Suddenly he blurted something like: 'So that's how you do it.'  My response:  "What?"

He proceeded to tell me that when looking closely at my work he couldn't figure out some of the marks that remained in the pigment, like brush strokes, but clearly not.  

At that moment I had flipped my brush aside to use my fingers to push around some of the paint.

I admit it.  I paint with my fingers, but just sometimes.  If you know me, you have seen blue, green, red, yellow fingers at various times; the lingering evidence of my technique.  Fingers are a great tool.  And just maybe using my fingers reminds me of being a kid.

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