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Monday, October 18, 2010


Autumn and Fall
Still Celebrating with Price Reductions on all Fall Leaf Paintings and Prints

Fall Aspen Leaves
40" x 25"
Giclee Print October Price:  200.
Also available in 20" x 12.5" with October Price: 100.

These two words represent the same, a period in time, a season.
Did you know that Fall is actually an old English word that was used prior to the French word Autumn became fashionable as the descriptive for the season?

Why do you think this season might be called "Fall". What happens in the natural world during this season? The leaves on many trees die and fall to the ground. About five hundred (500) years ago, when Middle English was spoken, expressions like "fall of the leaf" and "fall of the year" were quite common, and the season name "Fall" comes from them. It is interesting to note that although Old English, spoken about one thousand (1000) years ago, had a word "fiƦll" (or "fyll")--meaning "fall" as in "a falling from a height"--this word not only did not mean "the season following Summer", but did not even change into our modern English word "fall"! Instead our word comes from the Old Norse word "fall" which, like Old English "fyll", also meant "a falling from a height". However, during the period after the Scandinavians (who spoke Old Norse) settled in England (between 800 and 1100 CE) their word "fall" was borrowed into English and replaced the Old English word "fyll". There are many other Old Norse which were borrowed into English at this time. But the word "fall" only came to refer to the season "Fall" in the 1500s.

The word "Autumn" is a little more mysterious. It comes ultimately from Latin "autumnus", which itself is of uncertain origin. In Middle English, spoken about five hundred (500) years ago, it was spelled "autompne" having been borrowed from old French "autompne" found in modern French as "automne". Middle English "autompne" was sometimes used as early as the 1300s, but only became common during the 1500s. 
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  1. Hi Pamela,
    That was so interesting and your prints are just beautiful. I must direct my friend Debbie to your site as she has a gorgeous home in Sonoma and loves to decorate with Fall colors. I think one of your pieces would look stunning in her home.
    Thank you too for leaving me a comment on my 1 year bloggyversary. You've been so supportive and I really would love to introduce you to my readers soon. I'm working on a giveaway right now but have the intention of doing a post on you in the near future.
    We'll talk soon,
    Enjoy these crisp Fall days :)

  2. Thank you Terry. I look forward visiting with you about a post and hope your friend Debbie takes a look at my work during the October special pricing event.