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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Color is a Funny Thing
(Autumn Celebration Continues with reduced prices on all Fall Leaf paintings and prints)

Embrace II
Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Regular Price: 4000.
October Price: 2000.

It surrounds us.  It acts in funny ways.  But in some ways it is very predictable.

Split Rock with Leaves
48" x 60"
Acrylic on Canvas
Regular Price:  5000.
October Price: 2500.

The other day I was invited into a home to talk about a commission.  The colors in the home appealed to me immediately.  I felt right at home, and even commented, complemented the owner on their choice of colors for the walls, cabinets, etc.

Work continues on the diptych.  The upper canvas with sky and beginning to paint in the  light and shadows of the boulders.

I knew immediately, exactly what I would create for this commission.  It all had to do with the palette chosen for the home.

More boulder work on the upper canvas of the diptych

The funny thing was, that when I left I drove straight to the paint store, the Kelly-Moore paint store, to pick up a sample of the wall color, because I wanted to make sure the paintings would have definition against the wall. Well, you know those color strip cards that all the paint stores have that show the original dark hue at the bottom of the card with let down, or lightening,  of the color as the samples move up the card?  You know those cards.  I pulled the card with the appropriate color and then realized I was wearing, had been wearing, a jacket that was in this color palette.  A color that is repeated over and over in my closet.  Is it a wonder I was so happy with the colors in the house, so quickly ready to decide on the subject and palette for the commission?  Maybe it's that I am predictable along with color.

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