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Friday, November 6, 2009

Today I made more small corrections to the painting, adding highlights, a little more glazing with the raw sienna and the chromium green oxide, changing the stems on some of the figs to create visual movement, and painting out the fig on the far right.  

Here you can compare the two compositions, the painting with the fig on the far right and the painting as it now looks without that fig.  It is a much better composition now.  That particular fig created too much weight on the right side of the canvas.  Without it there, the painting is more balanced.  So that is it!  I will paint the sides of the canvas, sign the front of the painting, write the date, title and my name on the back on the stretcher bars, add a wire for hanging, and then it is completely done.  By the way, I never used the yellow orange azo.

Nine Figs on a Board

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  1. I like the final product and agree that the balance is much better without the right fig. It drew too much of my attention and I was always thinking about it "falling off". Another weird thought from a weird friend.