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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nine Pie Apples    8" x 24"

As we move through fall, what happens in my studio changes just like what happens in the kitchen changes.   So...I find myself painting fall fruit and cooking with fall fruit and veggies.  I am not sure if the thought of baking apple pies led to Nine Pie Apples, the painting, or the other way around.  I do know that my parents taught me to make delicious apple pies, which started with peeling the apples.  We always tried to take the peel off in one continuous piece and then threw it over our shoulders while making a wish, and I think we then looked at the peel on the floor trying to figure out if it was a letter shape and that letter was indicative of the name of your intended spouse....silly and fun for a young girl!  Just the proper amounts of cinnamon and nutmeg mixed with brown sugar seasoned the apples, and then we always piled the apples high above the pie pan so the pie became a domed, golden work of art.  Every time I bake an apple pie I think of my parents.

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