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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am thinking it might be interesting to show the process I go through to create a painting, start to finish.  I will post every day while I am working on this painting, every day I actually work on it, but I will not send out an 'update' notice every time, so it will be up to you to follow along.

I have been intrigued with figs because: 1.  It is fall and figs are in the markets, 2.  I love to eat them, 3. they have wonderful squatty little shapes, 4.  the color in figs is unique, and I think difficult to capture on canvas.  So I have chosen figs as the subject for this painting.

Today I purchased figs, set them up in a composition I like, photographed them, and started to sketch them.  Ok, I ate one.  You think I can become one with the fig and do a more satisfying job of painting them by eating them?

Pictured here are the figs I purchased and a couple of sketches.....

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