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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The figs are in my kitchen, so I am 'living' with them and realized that I want the light, in the painting, to stream from the left, so more sketching today after repositioning the figs and changing the direction of the light source.  I have settled on the location for each fig, which will create movement across the canvas and draw the eye.

I also selected the canvas which is 10" x 30" and sketched the composition onto the canvas.  The figs will be located in the right 3/4's, on a board, with light hitting and bouncing off the left side of the board. This will also create a visual movement across the canvas which will lead your eye.

These figs are on the other side of firm, won't last long, so this is a painting that will need to proceed quickly since I want to have them sitting in front of me while I paint.

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